July 4, 2023


Name of Meeting                Guildowns Patient Participation Group Meeting

Date and Time                     4th July 2023                                    18h00 – 19h30

Venue                              Wodeland Avenue Surgery, 91-93 Wodeland Ave, Guildford, GU2 4YP

Chairman                         Nigel Heslop – PPG Chairman

Welcome and Introductions by attendees   -   Nigel Heslop

Agree notes from the last meeting 18/04/2023   -   All

Pharmacy Opening – weekends and out of hours   - Nikki Hubbard

Please could members of the group bring information about out of hours and weekend opening to sure information. Nikki is doing some work on this.

Guildowns    -   Camilla Walker / Anthea Hay

-       Estate Development Update   -  Csamilla Walker

-       Did Not Attend Appointment Update   -   Anthea Hay

PPG – Other items of interest that PPG members would like to discuss   -   All

AOB   -   All



Notes from meeting of Patient Participation Group

Wodeland Surgery  Tuesday 4th July 2023


15 people attended: 12 patients, 3 staff


1. Introductions:      

Nigel (Oaks), Michelle (Wodeland),  Mandy (Wodeland), Ed (Stoughton), Evelyn (Wodeland), Adrian (Wodeland) , Nic (Wodeland), Christopher (Wodeland), Monica (Wodeland), Claire (Wodeland), John (Wodeland), Nikki (Wodeland)

Camilla                                    Practice business manager

Heidi                                       Care co-ordinator, administrator for primary care network (PCN) and patient participation group (PPG)

Anthea                                    Operations manager.


2. Notes of last meeting agreed


Matters arising

Nigel apologised for getting Ed’s name wrong in the minutes of the April meeting

Val asked re ensuring representation in PPG – Nigel replied ‘we’ll do our best’.


 3. Nikki reported back on two meetings attended, both of these were liaison between Guildford and Waverley PPG groups


Issues re out of hours/Sunday opening for pharmacies – v little cover locally.

Boots Guildford were doing jabs but turning away prescriptions (no pharmacist available?)

Direct Pharmacy is open till 6.30

Possibly Boots at Farnborough Gate


Camilla will follow up with ICB (Integrated Care Board) and put information on website

Nigel will contact local MPs and councillors

Everyone asked to send details of local provision to Nikki (via Heidi using the PPG group email address)


Issues re volunteer patient transport.

Most drivers are retired – manual handling and mobility problems with disabled patients, often with wheelchairs



Nikki is approaching a cab company (GM) re spare capacity outside school run hours

Also possibly Research Park shuttle bus

CARE for Guildford does patient transport – need contact details posted in surgery waiting rooms


4.Guildowns updates

Estate development

Camilla : No real progress re building: last year’s opportunities no longer exist with change in financial situation. “All on the table’.

Not enough space to allow recruitment of more practice  nurses.

Impossible to operate yet another site.

Exploring and developing creative solutions to maximise use of existing space for early preventive care e.g. mobile van in car park doing liver checks for people with risk factors


Nic: Met Jo Cogswell Director of Place for ICB.

Nic was sceptical about actual shortage of money (as opposed to how it was prioritised). Camilla replied that in practice funding was unlikely to be accessible, so any improvements would need to be practice-led.

Nic said Guildford Borough Council is a partner in the ICB but maybe hasn’t been active enough.

Suggestion GBC may be wary of financial commitment having seen developments in Woking.


John apologised as he had to leave the meeting


Update on figures for missed appointments (DNA) Anthea produced slides of figures broken down for different sites and different services.

General discussion about how this impacts on waiting times for appointments. Routine appointment with doctor 3 week wait.

Could publicise in newsletter.

Ed suggested text reminder with option to reply yes/no. Camilla replied this hasn’t always been effective in the past.

Nigel suggested improvements to newsletters, has collated some examples of newsletters elsewhere. Need to be ‘short and pithy’ with just a few topics. Could be available as an on-line link, paper copies in waiting rooms.

Can we have a group to produce one? Adrian, Nikki, Nigel, perhaps John. For September if possible.


5. Items PPG members would like to discuss

Ed: has experienced issues re physio referral between practice and RSCH – mixed messages


Adrian: looking at measuring effectiveness – does practice already use specific systems/tools?

Camilla replied- already many ways of analysis/monitoring, both internal and external. Not much scope for PPG involvement in this.

Monica: Thanks for practice support in contacting consultant. Also thanks to practice physio.

Claire -  Satisfaction survey (given to her by GP) Opportunity to be positive about service.

Discussion about how surgery presents itself on website etc.

Camilla dubious about role of social media, patient confidentiality etc

Nic: Patient Access appears to promote private sector  NHS app is an option for ordering prescriptions, contacting surgery etc.

Camilla hopes to opt out of PA before long (but see below)

Michelle: concerns about ordering prescriptions for elderly mum if PA dropped.

Camilla: no plans to lose it yet.

Next meeting  Proposed 10th October , TBC, virtual.