April 18, 2023


Name of Meeting                Guildowns Patient Participation Group Meeting

Date and Time                     18th April 2023                                    18h00 – 19h30

Venue                                  Stoughton Road Surgery, 2 Stoughton Road, Guildford, GU1 1LL

Chairman                             Nigel Heslop – PPG Chairman

Welcome and Introductions by attendees   -   Nigel Heslop

Agree notes from the last meeting 17/01/2023   -   All

Presentation:  Estate planning Goals   -   ASdrian Seccombe

Guildowns   -   Camilla Walker / Anthea Hay

-       Patient DNA appointments

-       Thoughts on zero tolerance  / communication aggression to patients

Any topics members would like to discuss   -   All

AOB   -  All


 Notes from meeting of Patient Participation Group

Stoughton Road Surgery 18 April 2023


15 people attended:

Inc. 1 borough councillor, 12 patients, 3 staff


1. Introductions:     years with practice, reason for involvement/interest


Julia McShane                        Councillor for Westborough, leader of GBC, long-standing local resident

Nigel Heslop (Oaks)              Patient for 53 years. Has been sole rep of PPG since COVID

Michelle  Lyon(Wodeland)   46 years

Mandy Heslop (Wodeland)              49 years (taking notes of meeting)

Ginny Willes (Stoughton)                 40 years. Member of previous PPG

 Ed Forchain (Stoughton)                 13 years. Ex-PPG. Neurological condition.

Evelyn (Wodeland)

Val Slavin (Wodeland)          50 years.  Works with young people with autism

Adrian Seccombe (Wodeland)         25 years. Retired, pharma background     

Nic Allen (Wodeland)           20 years. Architect, on stakeholder group, represents Guildford Society

Nikki Hubbard (Wodeland)

John Trigg (Wodeland)

Camilla Walker (staff)           5 years with practice, was primary care network manager, now practice business manager

Heidi Delport (staff)              Care co-ordinator, administrator for primary care network (PCN) and patient participation group (PPG)

Anthea Hay (staff)                 Operations manager. Quite new in post


Bernadette Porteous


2. Notes of last meeting agreed

 Ginny: pleased with previous virtual meeting. This format not always successful


 3. Terms of reference

These have been revised and updated by Nigel and Camilla.

Copies were distributed, amendments suggested and agreed.

These will replace previous version on website once signed.

Val asked how the PPG was ensuring it was ’representative and inclusive’.

NH asked for volunteers for secretary as this is suggested in the terms of reference.


4. Presentation: estate planning goals

Presented by Adrian. Monitor not working. (Copies of presentation is attached these with minutes.)

Points of note:

Space available is 1/3 of what is needed- ‘substantial space deficit’

Need was identified 30 years ago.

Hub and satellite could be best solution, with integrated services in the hub.

Could produce very positive outcomes.

(John asked – is practice merging with Woodbridge Hill? No, but some options include a shared site)


Higher levels of deprivation than expected – ‘most deprived area of Surrey’ (Westborough and Stoke in 20% most deprived wards nationally)

Julia- 10-12 year gap in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between Westborough and Stoke wards and other areas of Guildford.

Not necessarily a N/S Guildford divide, for example outcomes in the Chase area also poor.


Ecological impact – old buildings not cost-effective

Parking and accessibility issues

Gap between ideal model of ownership of premises and financial reality

Camilla: many different models exist locally of ownership of premises


Part of funding is by ‘weighted population’ (Carr-Hill formula, assessed quarterly)

79% of average

Negatively impacted by students, low life expectancy, size of practice

Positively impacted by turnover (of students), numbers in care homes or with disabilities


Nigel asked everyone present for their comments:

Ginny: Realistic summary. Our role to support professionals working to achieve this. Camilla: Useful to have record of what PPG has identified as priorities

Nic: Complex process, has to fit overall strategy for Guildford

Adrian: How can we make this information more widely understood?

Evelyn: Nothing to add

Val: Can we use existing under-used properties to house satellites?

Camilla replied: Difficult sharing space out of hours.

Multi-site working is already very complicated and expensive.

Could move one site but not add one.

John: We want this information to be used and make a difference.

Julia: Lived in Park Barn for 55 years, councillor for 12 years.

Maybe fewer premises could be more effective or situation won’t really change.

Emphasises this project just about Guildowns practice needed for last 30 years.

Council isn’t obliged to provide GP facilities.

Ed:  Has physical space requirement taken account of IT changes (moves to on-line contact)?

Camilla replied: Use of IT has increased but face-to-face is important 

Michelle: How can we use our voices, for example with our MP?

Nikki: Didn’t realise levels of deprivation in Guildford. Grateful for GP service provided- no awareness of differences locally.

Can we use a vacant shop locally?


5. Guildowns issues

Very high non-attendance rates: approx. 400 from 22,000 appointments per month.

Need to evaluate pattern in more depth.

Discussion on how to follow up with patients – how, what, careful wording needed.

(Do Not attend stats will be sent with the minutes)


Zero tolerance: Increase in threats, swearing , violence since COVID.

Procedures in place for follow up; CCTV.

How else can we communicate better?

Is it linked to media portrayal of GP services?

Suggestions please to Heidi.


6. Any other business

New GP contract starting soon.

‘2 week target’ set by NHS England.

‘Assessment of need’ within 2 weeks- not necessarily GP appointment, a ‘fancy sort of triage’.

Fewer GP appointments, more appointments with other professionals to free up capacity and reduce waiting times.


Next meeting            face-to-face meeting, Tuesday 4th July, Wodeland Surgery, evening meeting but time to be confirmed.