Jan. 17, 2023


Name of Meeting                  Guildowns Patient Participation Group Meeting

Date and Time                       17th January 2023                                    18h30 – 20h00

Venue                                     Microsoft Teams Meeting   Click here to join the meeting

Chairman                               Nigel Heslop – PPG Chairman

Welcome and Introductions by attendees   - Nigel Heslop

Agree notes from the last meeting 28/09/22  -  All

Brief report from other local PPGs and any new from Surrey Heartlands about planning for development for Guildowns and Woodbridge Hill practices  - Nigel Heslop

Presentation:  Challenges for Guildowns Group Practice   - Camilla Walker

-       Discussion of issues arising     

AOB   -  All

Any other items for discussion and future plans for the PPG supporting the Practice

-       Opportunity of being offered PSA tests to the blood tests required for prescribed medicine


Notes from re-launch meeting for Patient Participation Group

The Oaks Surgery, 28 September 2022


12 people attended: 8 patients, 4 staff


Introductions:         years with practice, reason for involvement/interest


Nigel (Oaks)                           Patient for 53 years. Has been sole rep of PPG since COVID, keen to re-launch

Maggie (Oaks)                        patient for 35 years

Michelle (Wodeland)            46 years

Mandy (Wodeland)               49 years.

Ginny (Stoughton)                40 years. Member of previous PPG

Chris (Wodeland)                  20 years. Macmillan counsellor(?), Co-op

Alan (Wodeland)                   50 years. Ex-PPG. Volunteer driver for CARE for Guildford

Monica (Wodeland)              50 years. Some issues with Wodeland surgery

Ed (Stoughton)                      13 years. Ex-PPG. Neurological condition.

Fiona (Stoughton)                 10 years. Family experiences of practice


Camilla                                    5 years with practice, was primary care network manager, now practice business manager

Heidi                                       Care co-ordinator, administrator for primary care network (PCN) and patient participation group (PPG)

Anthea                                    Operations manager. Quite new in post

Kirsty                                      4 years with practice. New role is patient service team manager.


Do’s and Don’ts – role of Patient Participation Group

Support and acting as critical friend.

Not about individual complaints or seeking medical advice.

Discussion on history of joint working with other PPGs

PPG chairs across Guildford and wider Surrey meet on a regular basis and a lot of information comes from this forum






Surrey Heartlands PPG advice



Enhanced access

Plans for wider range of times for pre-booked appointments, including Saturdays and evening and with wider range of professionals .

Space in surgeries is the ultimate bottleneck.


Question:  re students registered with practice and not de-registering when they move away.

Answer: Not an issue, in hand now, ‘data cleansing’ well-established


Question: Can extra hours/days be publicised in advance?

Answer: cautious approach to this –risk of public misunderstanding of availability (as illustrated in this evening’s discussion)



Several routes to vaccination. Patients normally contacted by NHS and/or surgery

Covid boosters unlikely to roll out beyond older people and clinically vulnerable in the immediate future. Procare are not the organising business for Covid vaccinations this has passed to a new group but is still run out of Artington.


Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection

Judgement was good. Staff pleased and proud.

Discussion on feedback, handling of complaints etc. Robust system.


New estate development

‘The elephant in the room’.

Guildowns and Woodbridge Hill are different GP practices serving North and West Guildford.

These surgeries are both currently  over capacity and have more patients than is desireable for their staffing and premises

There are access issues for prams, pushchairs, people with mobility issues

This is further complicated because new housing developments are planned in the area.

The present premises makes it very difficult for additional primary care services to be introduced in a satisfactory manner


 There are discussions about action to resolve situation.

5 options are being discussed though retaining status quo has been ruled out –so 4 remain.

1.  Close all surgeries and re-locate both practices to site beside the Hive on Park Barn

2.      Re-locate both practices to beside Hive, with some services on Jarvis site.

3.      Close 4 of 5 sites and relocate as above, with some services at Jarvis site plus retain Wodeland Avenue.

4.      As 3 but new site instead of Wodeland Avenue


Public consultation delayed to Jan 24.


Question: will practices combine?

No, they will stay independent but on a shared site






Future meetings

Agreed 4 meetings per year, 2 virtual, 2 face to face.

Suggested Jan (virtual), April, (face to face), July (virtual), October (face to face)

Timetable to be adjusted according to developments.


Next meeting is virtual and scheduled for 6.30pm on Tuesday 17th Jan 2023